Saturday, October 6, 2018

A New Old Kind Of Adventure

There is a lack of big forests around here, but there is no lack of places like you see in my pictures today.

As you scroll through my pictures you'll see that this is a cemetery. This particular cemetery is a little more religious themed than many others. I wasn't raised as a religious person, but I like this idea for the cemetery. It gives me a feeling of peace and security.

There are many more interesting sights of this type in this cemetery, but I really liked these two places the most for this time. Maybe I'll show you some of the other places from here sometime if you like.

Not everybody likes to tour a cemetery like I do. I understand. Maybe I'm strange.

When I grew up in Detroit the only way to experience nature was at the cemetery. The big cemetery near us was the only large place with lots of trees, ponds, and other natural features. There were even ducks and some swans in the ponds most of the time.

That was the place where my uncle, the original Ratty, was buried. He died when I was a little kid.

This cemetery I'm sharing with you today is the location of where another of my uncles was buried. He died before I was born. He was only a kid. My mom thinks I look like him.

I thought this weeping angel was interesting. It seemed oddly out of place in this particular location for some reason. Don't blink if you're a Doctor Who fan.

(I know it may not be a perfect weeping angel, but it's close enough. Right?)

I get obsessed with my new business so much sometimes that I forget everything else. This is why I forgot to have a blog post last week. This new business is doing much better than I thought it would at this point, and it's keeping me very busy.

Even so, my nature adventures and this blog are what I do to stay relaxed. I'll do this as long as I am still me. I have lots to share from recent days so I'm going to try to maybe have a few extra posts here and there. We'll see if I can actually do it. Let's leave it at that, and I'll talk to you later!


  1. And whatever you do, don't blink. Nice post.

  2. What a nice looking cemetery. You can always find interesting things in them, especially the older ones

  3. I also wasn't brought up to be very religious (well, I was, but my parents were very free-thinking so there was always good discussion), so also see cemeteries as mainly havens of tranquility and peace. But I was sad that a cemetery was your main 'nature' place when you were growing up. They are usually quite manicured, so not as natural as a walk in the woods, say. I guess it's better that than nothing. I look forward to your further posts. But glad your business is doing well.

  4. My human loves to visit cemeteries too. There are a couple not far from us where celebrities from the early part of the 1900s are buried. She loves those best.

  5. A beautiful, peaceful resting place.

  6. I'm glad your business is doing well Ratty! When I was growing up (back in the dark ages) all of us kids in the neighborhood would ride our bikes to the cemetery. We looked at the stones and learned a lot of history of our small town (although we didn't think of it as learning). Then we could have our picnic in a part of it that was still vacant (waiting for future generations to die I guess). We weren't disrepectful nor did it occur to us to be afraid. It was just part of life. I follow one blog where the lady has a hobby of taking pictures of tombstones for people who are trying to trace their family history . I guess there is a registry for it.

  7. I like cemeteries too. My dad died when I was little, and we used to walk around looking at all of the tombstones when we'd visit his grave. We'd look for the graves of babies and kids. And look at all of the photos that were attached to the stones. I guess it is a study of society when you really get into it.

    What is your business, Ratty??

  8. You are a good businessman right now.
    An adventurous businessman.
    But if you like to visit Chinese cementeries over here, you need to be even more adventurous.
    And if I run in a cemetery, I shall run very very fast, to escape from there.