Friday, February 2, 2018

Things I'm Doing Because Of Bad Weather

The weather around here has improved a bit but the effects of the bad weather have lingered. We have such deep snow that some of the roads are not drivable. That keeps me from some of my favorite nature spots. That deep snow now has a hardened sharp crust on the surface that hurts your ankles when you sink down in it. That keeps me from hiking my nature parks. So now I'm not sure what to do for my nature adventures.

Maybe that's all a bit of an excuse, and maybe I'm a little busy with other things too, but I think I'll wait till things improve some more to go out to some of these places. Until then I do have a few ideas. Today I'll bring you one of them.

I've been looking at some of my old pictures from about ten years ago. I miss those times a lot. I decided to revisit a few of them. What I did was put a few pictures in my favorite photo editor and play around a little. Some are very good and some aren't so good. Let's see how you like them.

Some of my changes were kind of subtle, but they really did a lot if you look closely. I guess maybe I should have shared the originals too so you could see the difference. I decided not to do that so even my bad edits might look better.

This one of Carpenter Lake may just be my worst one. I think it looks okay here by itself, but I'm not sure I made it better than the original.

I think this last one looks good, but I may have over-edited it just a little (a lot). I wanted the bridge to stand out more than in the original. I think I accomplished that, but it looks a lot different than the original photo.

I decided to learn a bit about photo editing because I've never thought my pictures measured up to those cool looking professionally done nature pictures I see on the Bing homepage. I know they didn't get the look of those pictures straight out of the camera. Lots of editing had to be done. I want to do it too. Maybe I can eventually make a masterpiece.

This isn't my only idea. I have a pretty good sized nature area that I own myself right outside my house. The first six months that I was here I used this area for my nature photography. It worked out just fine. Maybe I'll share a few pictures of my own property for you for a week or two while I wait for conditions to improve. And there will be other ideas too. I'll talk to you later.


  1. As my joints have aged (not the mind), I've learned to listen when they say stay in.

  2. I love the forest trail photos. Great job!

  3. Good idea to look at (and play with) your nature photos. That helps the spirit a bit. I like to get out in my yard and look closely at the plants to see if anyone is thinking about popping up yet. If you look closely, you can probably see signs of life under the snow and ice.

  4. I think the edits are really nice!

  5. I like all of these pictures. I cant wait for winter to be over and have it be all green again

  6. Oh you are searching for a rabbit hole.

    That brings surprises to everyone of us, included you.

    If you dig a tunnel through the rabbit hole, we will meet each other.

  7. That path in the second one just calls to me!