Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Kind Of Nature I'm Looking For

I know most people like the big pavement walking trails that I featured a couple of posts ago, but now I'll show you my kind of trails. This is my kind of nature. I like going to the places nobody else goes. I like going deep into the forest.

It's so quiet when you get into places like this. The only things here are you and nature. And I like the feeling that I could get lost in a large forest. It adds to the fun of eventually finding my way through. Such a wonderful feeling.

This above is the first trail I saw into the forest at Bacon Creek Park. Somebody made this trail, but nobody else was in a hurry to explore it. I knew I would be the only one in there. Everybody else would be out by the lake or on one of the pavement trails where it felt a lot safer.

Where this narrow dirt trail went showed that it wasn't very far to reach open territory again, but that was in only one direction. The first picture in my post shows this wild area stretches very far. And I saw a trail going down there too. I'll explore that one more in future visits.

There's something about standing in the middle of a quiet forest that gives me a thrill. When I know I've reached the deepest part of a forest I stop and look straight up and take deep breaths. It gives me the feeling of pure positive contentment and happiness.

This last trail is one that has been barely traveled. The plant life is growing across it again. I always make sure I take trails like this. Sometimes they lead to the best stuff. I can't tell you how many times I've found hidden rivers at the end of these little trails. I don't know why these trails are abandoned.

In the forest is where I find the best wildlife. The animals don't really come out until you visit a lot. That's when they get used to your presence and can learn if you are a threat or not. When you are a dangerous visitor to their home they have to be cautious.

So the forest seemed very still on my first visit. The animals didn't know me yet. Yet. Soon enough they will find out that I am no threat and they will make their presence known to me. It's always a great feeling to know when you are welcome. I'll talk to you later.


  1. You were bathed in green, Ratty. It is beautiful and good for the spirit.

  2. I am always surprised what I do see. Had a deer run pat me while sitting watching a bird nest

  3. What pretty trails... I can't wait for the animals to come out for you!

  4. They all look like wonderful trails ro explore

  5. I love to be where people are not. I love to just stop sit or stand very still and just listen....