Monday, June 6, 2016

Just A Little Adventure

I decided to do a little geocaching. You can see by the picture above from my phone that there are plenty of geocaches to hunt for around here. Every one of those little orange circles is a treasure to find. I leave the treasures in their containers, but you can trade with other little treasures. The fun is finding them.

I had one major problem with this while I was out though. I switched the app I use for geocaching and I found that one problem. Where I was looking for these caches there was no internet reception so all of those little orange circles disappeared.

I didn't know that in situations like this I needed to save my potential targets in the phone first. So instead of finding anything I decided to take a few pictures instead. Part of the fun with geocaching is that most of it is done in nature areas. You can even sometimes find hidden nature parks by using a geocaching app.

The first picture I took was the first fun thing I saw. This bird box seemed to be sitting there just waiting for me to get these pictures. Oh sure it may not seem like something special, but just think of how it would look with a bird peeping out of that hole.

I'm going to disappoint you a little and tell you that there is no bird, but that's not the larger point for me. The real reason I took the pictures is just because I wanted to. I missed seeing these boxes. The potential for the bird is always there, and the more boxes I see the more chance I'll see a bird. That's fun for any real nature geek.

And here's a different shot from the exact same position. How's that for variety? This is closer to the true distance of the box. I didn't even get out of my truck for the pictures. The box was sitting at the side of the road. Maybe that's a little bit of a disappointing revelation for you. Sometimes boring things can be found to be even more boring when they are fully explained.

So let's see what my next adventure will be. Will it be something as mundane as this bird box or will I see something remarkably unimaginable? Both have happened often in the past when I've gone out for my Everyday Adventures. It's always a fun surprise when we all find out. I'll talk to you later.


  1. With the number on that box there are 48 others that are part of the group so perhaps you will find more. sit on a box from afar and watch who lands.

  2. Hey, that bird house is numbered, like the houses humans build! That is cool.

    There are a number of urban geocaches around where we live - my human wants to take me hunting one day soon.

  3. I had never heard of geocaches. Sound like a fun thing to do to go find them all.

  4. sounds fun, i have never heard of this. trial and error i guess, you leave treasures in the boxes???

  5. I know someone who tried the geocaching. I don't think they ever got into that much but it was fun to try