Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Finally Some Fun

I was finally able to get back out to a nature park. It was a short visit, but I was at least able to be there. This time I visited Five Ridge Prairie Preserve. This is a huge park that I have visited before. I went here for a few reasons I'll tell you about.

This park is always open, which is the main reason I went here. It's so much easier to go to a park when I have enough time to explore it properly. I love that other one, but it closes in the middle of the afternoon.

If not for the big hills this would be my favorite park by far. It is the most isolated park I have ever been to. There is almost always no one else here. I like that. And it is so big that many people have gotten lost and had to have the authorities come and search for them. I actually consider that to be kind of a plus in a strange way.

This time I only went a little way up the first trail. Right now my back still isn't healthy enough to go very far. Maybe if I keep coming back here I can get back to my old self where I could hike for miles and miles.

I even have a new episode of Rat TV for you this time. It's been a long time since my last one. This is a very short video, under thirty seconds. I kept it short so as not to torture you. I did it so you could hear the same nature sounds I was hearing. It was beautiful.

I can tell you about one major thing I like about being here as opposed to my nature parks back in Michigan. The sound. When I was at my old nature parks I constantly heard the background noise of human vehicle traffic. It kind of ruined the overall experience. Here there is only nature.

Part of the reason my visit here was short though was the bugs. As soon as I got on the trail the bugs swarmed me badly. You can hear them in the video. It was so bad that I couldn't really stop and enjoy the experience of being there. Every time I stopped to take a picture those bugs would land all over me.

I've never liked bugs, but I've been able to deal with them before. I'll deal with them in my future adventures here and elsewhere. At least there weren't many mosquitoes among the swarms. I still had a wonderful time, and I'm excited to go again soon.

I'm going to try something revolutionary here starting with this post. I'm going to try posting every few days again instead of every few weeks. When I started I was posting every day. That old car accident put a stop to all of that. But I'm planning on visiting the nature parks much more now, even if it's only in the evenings.

If I'm going to visit the nature parks so often I'm going to have much more to share. I don't want all of my new stuff to fall by the wayside. So I'll be here every few days or so even if my readers can't keep up. That'll be kind of fun, having more here than you can read. It's been awhile.

With only posting every few weeks I sometimes forget why I started this blog. It was to motivate myself to go hiking. The hiking then made the blog fun. There was a new adventure every day. That was fun. And that's what it's all about. Talk to you later.


  1. Sounds like you need some bug spray, never leave home without it and sunscreen.If you went to Niobrara State Park in NE one can take a nice trail ride cheap.Lots of fun, I have thought of going soon.

  2. I love it when a park is big enough that you can get lost in it. It's the feeling I get when I'm at the ocean -- there is something much larger than us puny humans.

  3. That sounds like an awesome nature park! I hope you do get to posting more - my human used to enjoy your posts every day, back when Sparkle was around and before I was born.

  4. That looks like a nice park. Years ago I worked with a few guys who were in the reserves and when they shipped out they would stock up on Avon's Skin so soft oil. They said it was excellent at keeping the bugs away

  5. I do know what you mean about liking the isolation when you are at a nature park, but when I am out by myself I have to stick to the kind with good boardwalks and signs, because I have a poor sense of direction. This park looks and sounds so beautiful ... And if the bugs weren't mosquitos or chiggers they wouldn't bother me.

    I am so surprised that the other park closes so early. I've never heard of that!

    I find blogging a couple times a week works well for me usually. Motivates me and keeps me organized ... And I can keep up with my favorite blogs .

  6. pretty images, it looks like great spot!! i enjoy taking pictures, having no one to share them with is a bummer. that is part of the reason i blog, i enjoy recording my day to day joins and sharing it with others!!

    i try to write a little something every day. not too much, mostly pictures...i find it easy to express myself that way!!!

  7. Oh, I am excited to see you post more often. I think that would be good for the old brain--to fire it up more frequently. See if you find something cool on each trip--I found a dead opossum on the hiking trail the other day. Carrion had cleaned its bones...but we could still figure out what it was. That was creepy, but cool!

  8. Bugs can certainly be annoying! Glad though, that you were able to get out and enjoy nature.

  9. It looks like a beautiful park Ratty, shame you had to endure the bugs but they all have a place in nature. It was lovely to read the post with the sounds in the background...I would love for you to do that more often!!

  10. It is so green there, Ratty! I haven't been in a thick park like yours for a very long time already.

    Post whenever you're ready to post and don't stress yourself out.