Monday, June 20, 2016

A Cool Little Trail

I have lots of pictures today, but I'll try not to fill up each one with too many words. I have to share the little trail I found the other day. It's been extra hot around here, but under all of these trees it cools down greatly.

The steps in this first picture don't tell the story about what you'd find once you descended them. The trees cover the twisty trail that lies at the bottom. A trail that takes you away from civilization as soon as you reach the bottom of the steps.

Once I got on the trail I couldn't tell at all by looking that the road at the top of those steps existed at all. I was deep in a huge forest as far as I could tell.

I love walking a nature trail for the first time. It's such a mystery where it might take me and what I might see on my little adventure. I love the anticipation when I first enter. And then I love exploring every inch after I learn where I'm going.

I walked a little farther on and I couldn't even see the steps. The trees seemed to blot out all outside sounds as well. All I could hear was the sound of nature that shared this trail with me.

The trail took many twists and turns so anyone could get turned around in here. I'm glad there weren't any forks in the trail to further confuse me on this first journey through here.

This seemed like old times to me as I walked the trail. This was the setting in most of my old posts, but forests aren't as plentiful around here. And even this trail is not flat ground like my old places. There are plenty of hills that seem to keep going up and down forever.

It seemed that it wasn't very long at all before I came back to the original stairs that brought me to this trail. A first adventure is fun, but I also love to return again and again. The next time is when I can take the time to examine some things a little more closely. And I can share some interesting thisngs I find on the side of the trail.

Maybe I'll even get some of the little forest animals to come out when I feel more at ease here. With the right attitude you can get wild animals to walk right up to you. I won't explain that attitude here, but you get the idea. Let's just leave this story right here for now. I'll talk to you later.


  1. What a lovely trail. Walking them is so much fun.

  2. What a great find! Good walking to you.

  3. It's all about the hike and fresh air :)

  4. This looks like a really delightful trail!

  5. i love to see all the green, hugging the path!! i love being outdoors, it's a pretty trail!!!

  6. So pretty there. You have the right attitude ... When you get to revisit the same beautiful spot you see something new and different every time. Your blog's name even says that!

  7. what a great place to escape the heat and have fun exploring

  8. I went out the other day and melted until I hit the shade. Just got back from the pool.90 here

  9. Hi stranger! Finally found your blog again. *grin* I lost all my saved blogs awhile back, and it's been like phone numbers on speed dial (couldn't remember diddly on my own).

    Love the trail - particularly the steps. Pretty scene. It looks marvelously peaceful in there ;o)