Friday, July 17, 2015

Back To The Nature Trails

I needed to start getting back out visiting nature again, but I think I needed to get back to it in kind of a small way. I wanted to visit some nature trails with that idea, so the obvious solution was a small nature park that was also close by. Dunham Prairie Preserve is perfect for that.

I've decided that I need to visit a good nature park more routinely, so I'm going to be visiting this one at least every few days from now on. That's how I used to do things when I went on my little everyday adventures back in Michigan. It was the best time I ever had with nature.

I would visit those old parks just about every day, but I've never done the same thing since I've been here in Iowa. I guess I never gave this park a chance. I liked the park at first, but then I quickly decided for some reason that there wasn't much to see here. Maybe I just missed my old parks.

At my old parks I used to see lots of wildlife, but not so much here. But I got to thinking recently that I didn't see many animals at those old parks until I was visiting them for awhile. Maybe those animals had gotten used to me and they weren't as afraid as before. Maybe it can be the same here too.

Even if I never see much wildlife here I might learn other interesting things about this place. I've never considered knowledge about plants one of my strong points, but I was getting pretty good with the plants at those other parks. There's lots of plants here to see.

I've had a theory that out here in the country the animals have more places to hide than they did in the city where my old parks were. Maybe that's why I don't see as much at my new parks. But maybe I'm wrong. I won't know until I really try to visit a park more often.
One of the features I liked about this park from the start is this bridge. It's not much of a bridge, but I still like it. Any bridge is good to me. I don't know how many times I've written about my love for all bridges. A bridge in the middle of the woods is my favorite.

This is all my way of trying to get my health and my pleasure of nature back. When I lived in the city nature parks were like a refuge in the middle of all of that concrete. Now they are more of the same of right where I live. I don't need the refuge as much, but I do need that wonderful feeling that walking through a nature park all alone always gives me.

I often find when I'm home I get into a routine of doing nothing. I need to be out with nature seeing the sights and hearing the wonderful sounds. And a good long hike is great for the muscles. The whole experience leaves me with the best all around feeling when I get back home.

I'll be visiting this park very often from now on. I'll do my best to show you different things with each post from there. Maybe I'll post a little more often again too. After a little while I should begin to learn a few more interesting things about the place. And besides, my dog really needs the exercise. I'll talk to you later.


  1. It sounds like I am going to see you quite often in the woods.
    Chatting with the trees, flowers, grasses, squirrels, deer and more are very interesting.

  2. You just need to get back in the habit again. Get out there Ratty, the world awaits.

  3. i love bridges too, any bridge :) and love the lushness of the park here, and am with you, I kept on telling myself sometimes as I walk at my favorite natur epark here in San Diego, "how come I did not see these birds before?" or "how come I am only seeing dolphins and whales now on this trail?" Then I came to realize, that maybe in the long time I've been walking here my eyes have gotten used to that I am seeing more.

  4. I think I've been there. Those pictures look awfully familiar. ;O)

  5. Yes, more park visits, please!

  6. That looks like a nice park. I know how easy it is to fall into a routine of doing nothing. Getting out is the best cure for that

  7. I don't always see animals or birds when I walk, but I try to see one new or interesting thing each times. Sometimes its very hard ... There are days when there's really nothing. But then at least I get more exercise because I don't stop to take pictures. Walking is really good for mental and physical health ... At least it works that way for me.