Friday, November 4, 2011

Ladybug Invasion

Ladybugs. Some of of you call them ladybirds. Either way, I like 'em! I think most of us do. But why would any of us like this particular bug, even though the thought of bugs instinctively makes our skin crawl?

The only reason I can think of is that it is their cool polk-a-dot design that we love so much. Seriously, most of us even let these little critters crawl on us while thinking how wonderfully cute they are. Would you let a cockroach do that?

One day about five years ago while I was at work, a ladybug landed on my arm. I let it crawl around on me, and the little monster bit me! I quickly shook it off in total surprise that it would do that. It didn't really hurt that much. It was just the smallest pinch. But it still bit me.

I don't mean to scare anyone off of these wonderful little beatles, but I do have a strange little point to all this. When I was in Michigan I very rarely saw ladybugs, but here in Iowa I'm seeing them everywhere. They're all around my house here, inside and out!

I've always heard that ladybugs are a beneficial creature, but I don't really like to see any bugs crawling around in my cupboards. For now, I'm leaving them alone, even the ones inside the house. I'll have to do a little more research on them though.

I still like them though. But I've still accidentally killed a few of them. I've mistaken them for big flies. I've mistaken them for other bugs. I didn't mean to do it, and I felt bad afterwards, but I guess I'm a killer now. I feel bad because I killed bugs. Should I feel bad? Would killing a ladybug make you feel bad?

And that's it about the ladybugs, but I want to add some other thoughts to this post. I've always had a bit of a dark sense in my writing. I find that darkness somewhat humorous. But ever since my year old car accident my mood has darkened even further. It's a bit more than uncomfortable.

This extra darkness in me has crippled my writing with more than a bit of writer's block. The only thing I've really been able to write easily has been my horror stories over at Rat Tales, but even those are leaving me. I guess all I can do now is to keep trying and hope that it all comes back to me.

I feel like I'm whining by even mentioning this, but I also feel that it is important to write it down. Maybe the act of writing about it will help get it out of my system so I can get back to my old self. And maybe I can learn to use it somehow. Thoughts and feelings let us know we are alive, even dark ones. So I'll follow this darkness and see where it goes. And I'll sit here and feel bad because I accidentally killed a few ladybugs.

I'll repeat. Would killing a ladybug make you feel bad?

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  1. I feel bad about killing anything, but sometimes it has to be done (mosquitoes for example).

    Is that a harlequin ladybird? We're meant to kill any we see in the U.K. They're invasive and competing with our native 7 spot ladybird :-(

  2. I often feel bad about killing bugs, mainly because I'm a spider killer and I always feel guilty about that. But, in my defence, I have a very serious phobia of spiders.

    Ladybugs, I always knew they bite but so many people argue with me. I'm glad someone else out there knows the truth!

    I think I'd feel bad if I killed a ladybug, mainly because it is pretty I guess, which is terribly shallow I know, but I really can see that as the only reason. I don't like them too much, apart from to look at, but to be honest, I don't think I'd ever kill one. I'd probably just move it on.

  3. I had them come into my lab up there and scoopedthem out with a snow shovel in the spring.Find how they are comuing in, or you may see them through the winter. Checkout my favorite prairie up that direction ,Broken Kettle. I will be up ther a lot, I love seeing the buffalo.We should get together for a good hike.

  4. You may have the eurasian lady beetle which is an invasive exotic insect. It looks much like the native lady bug but has more spots, is slightly more orangey in color, and has a distinct pungent odor when crushed. This is not a beneficial insect and could displace the native lady bug in some areas if not eradicated.

    Head injuries often lead to dark thoughts, as do traumatic experiences. Keep fighting it Ratty. Don't let it get you down. Lots and lots of sunshine, walks, and positive thoughts will help you heal. Your good at all three!

  5. We don't see many ladybugs in this part of west Michigan. Mostly it's bean beetles--a variety that was imported to eat aphids on soy beans. At least I think that's the story. I don't intentionally kill them.

  6. This looks just like the ladybug that was in my apartment a while back. I did not touch it. I'm always a little afraid that they might bite but have never been bit by one before. I remember smaller ones from years ago. This one was a lot bigger. I got it on a piece of paper and put it back outside.

  7. I had a hard time convincing people that ladybugs bite after being bitten by one and how many of us think it's cute when they crawl on our kids? My heart goes out to you, just keep writing you're probably still recovering.

  8. I might sound cruel, but I don't feel bad killing mosquitoes, flies, and ear wicks.

    I don't see any wrong with writing about dark moods..Some will read, others might not, but there is an option for everyone!

  9. love your pictures, sorry about the darkness haunting you. i also believe in writing as liberating, it helps a lot, hope you feel a lot better.

  10. My human always feels bad about killing any bug, even the black widows that she finds around the house sometimes (they are dangerous and their bite could kill a kitty). She has to steel herself to kill the black widows, and sometimes the ants when they get out of control and hundreds of them invade the house. She's never killed a ladybug.

    Me? I love killing bugs - and eating them!

  11. I love to take photographs of spider webs, but I do not want them inside my house.

    We feelthe same.

  12. I don't like to kill bugs, and try to capture all bugs and take them out. But we have had issues with both ladybugs and stinkbugs in our old house. Both of them have infested our house. Last year we had thousands of those darn stupid, ugly, nasty lady bugs in our house. I don't feel bad at all for saying I hate them, right along with spiders and crickets and beetles. At first I was nice and captured the ladybugs in jars and let them loose down the road. But after a million more showed up in my bedroom, I stopped caring. I pulled out the vacuum. A bug is a bug. I did the same with the stinkbugs. The stinkbugs took over my closet - all my clothes were covered in stinkbugs. And they do have a bad smell. I walked around all summer smelling like a stinkbug. I finally vacuumed them all. Right now I have camel crickets in the house. They're bigger, and so far I've been hand carrying them outside. But sometimes I hand carry them right to the chickens, who LOVE them!

    I hope your mood brightens. I've been in the dumps, too. Blogging does help. I tend to not write when I'm blue. Dontcha dare feel bad about killing bugs, BTW. Life goes on... Keep your chin up, and I will, too!


  13. I think these are the asian ladybugs, and they can really take over. I have them all over the house, and when they get so thick that the corners are FILLEd with piles of them, I get out the vacuum. I believe it's the asian ones that bite.

  14. Sheesh, I'm following Sharkey tonight on all the blogs!!

    Sharkey is right,these are Asian ladybugs and they are no ladies! They bite and it HURTS!

    I would still feel guilty killing one though. The only thing I am not guilty about is spiders and centipedes.

  15. I am not at all a bug person. I've been hospitalized twice for five days following spider bites on my legs ( I developed cellulitis both times which did not respond to oral antibiotics ). I don't even think the spiders were poisonous - though we do have brown recluse and black widows in California. I abhor cockroaches which were in great abundance during my growing up years in the south - though I've rarely seen one in northern CA.

    Ladybugs and lightning bugs, I've always liked. I didn't know a ladybug would bite. I used to play with those roly poly bugs, too. And I love the sound of crickets and would never kill those - or ladybugs...but I do kills spiders - except for daddy longlegs.