Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Got A Blue Jay!

I did it! I finally conquered my nemesis, the beautiful blue jay! Actually, I'm not so sure that conquered is the right word. It's more like the blue jays finally decided to grace me with their presence. I finally got it all right this time. And they cooperated, instead of just teasing me.

I was out in the meadow of my currently favorite, but smallest nature park on a very windy day. The odd thing about this event was that there were no other birds in the park because of the high winds. I probably shouldn't have even been out there because I watched another big tree fall. This one had me pretty nervous this time. That's when I decided to get out of the forest for at least a short time.

 It turned out to be kind of lucky because that's when I found this blue jay, and he wasn't alone! That's right! There were more than one blue jays!

I was walking back to the woods after trying for the longest time to wait out the wind. I was almost there when I saw the first blue jay on a branch in a small tree at the edge of the forest. I couldn't believe my luck! Now I only hoped it wouldn't fly away before I had the chance to get at least one decent shot.

I eneded up getting all four of these, and even more before it flew over to another section of the trees. I thought it was all over, but it flew right back after a few seconds! As I began taking more pictures, another blue jay flew right past me. I soon realized after the third one showed up that this was a small flock.

It seemed as if after all of my problems trying to get pictures of them, the blue jays decided that I was finally deserving enough to have their pictures. The lighting was coming from just the right direction this time. They were at a very good distance to get clear pictures. And they posed in every good way that I could want.

I was even able to get a couple of videos of them, but a combination of the blowing wind and my shaky hands ruined that part of it all. I guess the video is just not meant to be quite yet. Even so, the important thing is that I finally got my pictures!

Now onto my next challenge; I need to be given one million dollars, for doing absolutely nothing. That one should happen any second now. Any second now...

When the blue jays finally decided to fly out of my view for more than a few seconds, and the wind had died down enough to stir my bravery up, I decided to reenter the forest. Crossing through the forest trail was the only way to get back to my truck, so I had to do it. I would be walking right past the tree I watched fall.

It turned out to be an uneventful journey, and I was glad of that. Now, as I sit here at home, I want to ask all of you rich people out there to please send me that million I need for my goal. It's a pretty good goal, don't you agree?

Nature Center Magazine - Copas has his newest article up today about the states. This time he's featuring the great state of California! This one should interest many of you. California is a really good place for hikers and all nature lovers.

I'm finally able to read some of your blogs, but there are very many of them. It'll take me a day or two to catch up on all my favorites.


  1. Your life will never be the same anymore Ratty :) That's a huge Blue Jay. Congrats!

  2. You got blue jays, and I had a green pigeon as my lifer.

    Both of us must be a millionaire.

    Let's bottom up.

  3. That's a beautiful blue jay! You're good in tracking them and took the pictures!

  4. This new camera is really paying dividends. Lots of new and interesting photos. Keep it uP!

  5. I need a million too Ratty so Can I also ask the rich people here??? I'm not greedy a million dollars will do...or even a 1/4....anything??? Hello??/Anyone listening???

    Nope not happening...Great shots of the blue Jay by the way...I especially love the first one where you can pick out it's spectacular markings|!

  6. winsome nature photos,
    being healthy, strong, and do what you love to do is rich...
    thanks for the thoughtful post!

  7. I still haven't caught one of those teasers! Way to go. I need an independent income too!

  8. you sure got some great shots there. way to go. When you reach your goal of being a millionaire will you at least stop by and visit every now and then?

  9. Ratty be happy with what you have after all they say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! Or was it three?

  10. I feel we all are rich just to have native birds TO photograph and enjoy.

    Congrats on great pictures of the Blue Jay! You even captured him/her with the crest up!!!

  11. Great blue jay photos! You know what is happening - it's not so much the birds taking kindly to you as you are learning how to stalk them. And since your intentions are good (as opposed to, say, what mine might be if I were out there), they aren't quite as fearful as they would if they were being stalked by somebody a little more malevolent, or at the least, hungry (like a kitty). Your stalking and photographic skills are both just more finely honed. P.S. Your pictures are making my human want to get that Canon very badly!

  12. Great photos of this beautiful Bluejay Ratty!!

  13. Ratty, it seems like we are all longing for a million. I've even downsized my desires ( in that regard, at least ) and have decided I can make do with $500,000. It looks like my pleas/prayers/etc are not being given the attention they deserve. It's been 15 months since I lost my job and things aren't pretty!!

    You hit the blue jay jackpot. I think they just felt emanations in the ozone and know that you are a good soul!

  14. Ratty, what a great find and capture. He is adorable. When you reach that million, I suspect all your furry friends, especially the squirrel diva population will be throwing you a huge feast :)

  15. Wish I had a million to give you a million. =D That's some stunning pics of a gorgeous Blue Jay. I'm sure they've officially appointed you to do their photo shoot and that's why they posed in such a grand way. Well done Ratty! ^__^

  16. Great job Ratty! I finally get great shots of my blue jay friends by setting my cam on continuous shooting mode too (as you suggested in another post), AND setting out peanuts and sunflower seeds for them. They love those, and they'll even pose for the camera for a few of these treats!