Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fast Old Squirrel

I saw this squirrel sitting on a fallen branch while I was out on my routine hike and animal search. I thought maybe I found a common gray squirrel, which is not so common around here. But after looking closely at my pictures, I'm sure this is just one of my fox squirrel friends. The gray fur might mean that he's kind of old though.

He seemed to be preoccupied with an itchy paw while I hid behind a tree and got several bad pictures of him. The view I had wasn't very good with that tree on the left of the picture hiding him a little bit. I had to get a better position if I was going to get any good pictures at all. So I stepped just to my right and moved away from the tree that obscured my presence. I got this one picture before he saw me standing there.

That's when he decided to move! The squirrel that looked like a cranky old man who might not be very spry just a second ago, became a flash and a blur! No camera can catch him now. This old squirrel was gone as quickly as he appeared.

He may have been a fox squirrel like I see many times a day, but with all of his gray fur he was a unique little guy. I've even seen other fox squirrels with patches of gray fur, but none were quite like him. Even though he's gone, I'll still never forget this unique little squirrel. I hope I see him again one day.

Evening Update: The story doesn't end here! Take a look at the comments below for further questions and information about this squirrel.


  1. I think the first shot is great. He was a quick one though, at least you caught him as he was fleeing the scene.

  2. Just wondering, how did you determine this was a fox squirrel?


  3. Oooh, he is fast. I like how you captured the motion. ;-) As for squirrel types, I know nothing. One squirrel seems the same as the next to me - well, now I have a few ideas on types thanks to your blog. ;-)

  4. I have never seen a Fox Squirrel. This one does look very much like a Grey. Love your Blog!!!

  5. He looks more like the sort of squirrel I am used to seeing at home...i love the action shot ....they are often the best type!1

  6. Thanks for the comments and questions so far from all of you. They have all got me wondering and searching for more about this squirrel. Like I said in the post, I'm not very familiar with gray squirrels here. I do know that I've seen a few of them in this same park.

    After your initial question, Bill, I began searching the internet for as much information as I could get about grays. I was always under the assumption that their coloring was primarily shades of gray, but this one has a lot of reddish brown mixed with gray.

    With the white eye ring and the gray coloring, I initially thought it was a gray. Then when I examined the brown coloring of the head, I thought it had to be a fox squirrel. I still thought that eye ring was strange. That's when I wrote my post.

    After reading the comments and checking all over the web, I'm beginning to think maybe this is actually a gray squirrel after all. I wish I had a better look at the tail. I think that would solve it for me.

    I'd like to thank all of you for your questions and comments that have begun to change my mind on this squirrel.

  7. Looks like a gray to me, but I haven't studied them as closely as you have.

  8. Whatever kind of squirrel he was, you got one good shot of him, and an action shot of him making his getaway! I like the way the tree is in focus and he's just a blur.

  9. He looks like our squirrels out here. You were able to get a great shot of him though. What a cutie. I now find myself talking to them when I go to the gardens. I guess it's better than talking to myself :D