Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Confession For The Birds

I have two confessions I want to make today. The first one is that even though I have pictures of a few birds that I find much more exciting than these pictures of robins that I'm showing you today, I really like these pictures of the robins because they're some of my best. The second confession comes further down the post.

This robin above is one of my favorites not because I consider it to be the most beautiful that I've had, but because of the detail it shows. I have never been able to show you this much detail in a photo of a robin before. You can zoom right in and see individual feathers on this bird.

One reason for this is because when I was on the trail I suddenly looked up at a branch just above me to see this robin perched there. It was only five feet away from me. Somehow I had walked up on it without it noticing me. I guess I'm geting better at being quiet than I thought.

This is one of the many other shots I got of this robin as he stayed perched there oblivious to me presence. Honestly, it didn't take him long to realize I was there. Maybe he knew all along, but just didn't mind. I did notice that he subtly turned his back to me while I was getting my pictures. A sure sign that he had detected me.

I tried to move to a better angle for the sunlight, but it didn't work out well. Even though he stayed where he was, the sun just wasn't cooperating. I couldn't get a better angle than this. I guess these were just the pictures I was meant to have. I really like robins because they do let me get very close to them.

From close to far. The robin in this picture wasn't close up like the first one. As a matter of fact, it was very high up in a tree that I wasn't standing very close to anyway. All I could see with my eyes was a flash of red. I thought maybe I had a cardinal, but the other birds that had flown with this one were definitely robins. The camera proved this was too.

Now, why do you suppose I've been getting such good results out of my camera lately? I'll explain below.

The picture tells the tale. I got a new camera! As you can see, it's a Canon PowerShot SX20 IS with a 20x zoom. I researched for a very long time, and bought the very best point and shoot camera there was. The previous version of this camera is the same, except this one is a little higher in megapixels and it shoots high definition video. I don't use the hi-def, but you might notice my video quality has also improved.

By comparison, my old camera is a Canon PowerShot A590 IS with a 4x zoom. It's a very good camera, especially for a beginner, but I wanted to move on to the next step. My new one seems to focus right in on any animal I aim at. And I don't have too many problems with blurry shots like I was having before. I'm very happy with this camera.

Okay. Meanwhile over at Nature Center Magazine today, Emma is featuring another Nature Site Of The Week. She always features the best of nature on the internet, so go take a look at what Emma has to say about this newest site she focuses on. Who knows? One of these times she might find your site, and decide to write about it. She also takes recommendations if you know of a site that should be featured.


  1. Wow a new camera, it's always fun to get new toys. I have to say that although you're camera gives you better quality shots the camera can't take all the credit. You get some of the credit as well. Your pictures of the robins are great.

  2. Great shots! And yes, very good detail. Congrats on the new camera! ;-)

  3. Great shots. The new camera certainly shows a new level of detail. Can't wait to see what it brings in future videos and photos.


  4. Congrats for your new camera Ratty! The picture quality is definitely improved a lot! I took picture of a bird recently too which I am going to post tomorrow. Taking a good picture of bird is not a simple task, and you did it very well :)

  5. Great photos, Ratty. I think I'm due for a new camera. I got my old one in 2007 - a Canon PowerShot S3IS, 6 megapixels and it's been great. I really haven't used it to capacity - haven't even gotten all that familiar with the manual. Unfortunately, with my job loss and retirement, money is so tight, I can't really afford any purchases not absolutely necessary! Glad to get the info on your camera, though.

  6. nice photos! really nice camera! congratulations!

  7. Haha... we now belong to the same camera world. I'm currently rather annoyed with mine though. It doesn't always focus where I want it to, and I keep hitting buttons by accident. We will have to help each other learn how to get more out of it. I've had mine just a year and am frustrated at how little I seem to be able to get out of it, despite its many capabilities.

    That said, when I CAN get it to do what I want the pics are even a bit better than my former SLR Pentax.

  8. Those robin shots are really good, Ratty!! I don't know that part of the Cannon line, but for about 7 years now, I've used the Cannon G-3, then G-5 and I just love the brand. Strange since I spent my whole 35mm SLR life in Nikon gear. I'm ready for a DSLR, but can't justify the price quite yet....

  9. The new camera really does make a difference. I would love to have a better camera, but it is not to be right now. The robin pictures are just terrific.
    If I ever have the money for a new camera, I sure will ask you what to get.
    So congratulations on the nice new camera.
    Hope you have a wonderful day and we can't wait to see the next pictures.

  10. Ratty, Super good captures of the Robin! I purchased the same camera almost a year ago and highly recommend it. For a "point and Shoot" it is the best. I know you will have fun with it and bring us more pictures and videos to enjoy.:-D)

  11. My human likes your new camera! She has an old, old Canon Powershot (an A620, to tell you exactly how ancient!) and a Nikon SLR which she is still learning to use. She actually needs to replace the Canon with something more modern because to photograph us kitties (or any fast-moving animal, in fact), there's nothing like a good point-and-shoot, plus she needs to do video on the fly occasionally. That Canon PowerShot SX20 may just be what she needs!

    Me? I just like bird photos. :-)

  12. WOW, good choice for a point-and-shoot cam. What I love about the SX20 IS is its LCD which you can flip out and rotate. Really cool. I was planning to buy that one too but decided on the SX120 IS instead which is lighter in weight and easier on the pocket. ;) Great photos you have there... considering it's quite a challenge to have birds as subjects.

  13. Great capture of the robin! A new camera is what I need too, but not any time soon..Congrats on yours!

  14. Love the robin capture, Ratty. I chased a robing yesterday to try and get a shot yet ended up with a Mallard duck closeup instead :) Congrats on the camera. That is definitely something I need. Mine is a little old and not very sophisticated. And, I emailed you but wanted to thank you again for the great review, very much appreciated :)