Friday, February 26, 2010


I know what your thinking. I really do. You're thinking, "More snowy winter pictures." That part is true, but there is more to the pictures today than just that. We have had our most constant snowfall of the winter these past few days. But before that, we had several sunny warm days in a row.

What does all of this mean for these pictures though? Well, it hasn't really gotten very cold, despite all of this snowfall. The sunshine we had went a long way in melting our previous snowfall. It was almost gone, but now it's back, with so much more. But this time the warmer weather has left us with some very wet snow.

For those of you who haven't really experienced much snow, it can go from being extremely wet to almost as dry as dirt. The warmer it is, the wetter it is. The snow isn't the only thing that can get wetter as it gets warmer. Ice will also do the same thing.

These dark spots on the lake are wet spots in the ice that have soaked through the layer of snow on top. This is strong evidence that it is very unsafe to walk out there. Cracks could soon form in the ice. Maybe they already have. This means that the warm weather has been very effective in melting the ice on this lake.

We only really have one more month of winter here. This melting ice could very well be a first indication of spring. All of the snow says that may not be true. But it still hasn't gotten colder, and winter is running out of time. A month from now the melting will be here for good.

Notice the darker spot on the right side of the melted area. That could very well be the first crack. Small cracks make big cracks. Big cracks make big fun on this lake, especially when it happens when someone can hear them. Yes, I said hear them. Being near a lake while the ice is breaking up can be very exciting. I'm going to try and record it for you this year.

These may be winter pictures of a frozen lake, but there is really so much more here than just that. The possible beginnings of spring. The potential for a future exciting adventure with an ice quake. And just getting to see the beginning of these cracks. There are wet spots all over the lake right now. Soon the whole lake will be wet again.


  1. i am too scared to walk on the ice, no matter how cold it is outside. i see people almost to the middle of the river here sitting out there ice fishing. i think they are crazy!

    have a great day ratty...hugz!

  2. Ice on frozen lakes is a tricky thing. Could be its thawing, or it could be the water you see is melted from the wet snow and is perched on top of the ice. Best to play it safe unless you know how thick the ice is, and stay off of it.

    Spring is probably only a month or two away, at least in these parts, we will all look forward to the next change of seasons.


  3. I like looking at frozen lake, but just too chicken to be walking on it..Be careful if you're out there!

  4. "and winter is running out of time."

    You must get the most of it before waiting for another year to come.

    But is the winter running of time? Or rather it is you...

  5. Oh spring sounds so nice...and I really hope you mange to video the ice cracking!!!

  6. This year everyone is hoping for Spring to hurry up and get here. We are all tired of being cold or at least I am and that crack in the ice is a great sign. Glad you found that.

  7. It seems dangerous and I don't know that I would be walking there. Nice photos, though

  8. I remember you mentioning ice quakes once before. I hope you get the opportunity to record it I would love to hear that.

  9. "More snowy winter pictures" - I'm jealous I only had a few days to take pictures of the snow.

    a few crazy people here were driving on the ice a couple of weeks ago. :-(

    By the way, I just posted an award for you :-)

  10. This happens off and on here all winter, as soon as we get a series of sunny days....sometimes there is still 7 inches of ice under the slush on top...but it is always good to assume there is not much ice in those spots to be safe.
    Here, we won't be melting for two more months. I just came up through Michigan from Columbus Ohio on I-75 (and also went down from Oscoda on the Lake Huron shore on the east side) too.....I was surprised to see that downstate had so much snow!

  11. An icequake - we city kitties here on the West Coast wouldn't know anything about that. We DO know something about EARTHquakes, however!

  12. I don't mind the snow and ice pictures, we have seen very little of it this year. And after ten years in AK I really don't mind not having snow.

    I agree with Bill and Joan, it's hard to say what's really happening there but it is always best to be careful when dealing with frozen lakes. I hope you do get some shots or video of an ice quake, I have only seen it once and it is exciting.

  13. Ratty, do you have folks who are foolish enough to walk out on that lake when it is beginning to crack like that? Of course, we are always reading about rescues on the ice. I can't imagine hanging on in those freezing waters, hoping someone will pull you out. I am such a coward, I would never venture out!

  14. The ritual rotting of the ice! Certainly a sign of spring.