Saturday, October 31, 2009

Poll Results - Ghosts

Here we come to the poll results and the post I promised you earlier in the week. I told you this was going to be something special for Halloween, and I didn't lie. But this won't be at all what you expected! I would be willing to bet that most of you expected some kind of ghost story. Well, I gave you that yesterday. Read on and I will explain just what I have in mind.

First we'll deal with the poll results! This was a close one this time. I asked you the question, "Have you ever seen a ghost?" Let's see what you said...

Yes - 12 votes (44%)
Those of you who said Yes were the clear majority this time. You truly believe that you have seen a ghost. I am with you on this one, but I know none of us can be completely sure when dealing with things like this. A ghost or a spirit is logically thought of as nonsense, unless we see it with our own two eyes. Even when we tell the story, many people will never believe us. I guess even when we see something like this ourselves, we have trouble believing. It's just such a shocking experience.

No - 8 votes (29%)
Several of you say that you have never seen a ghost at all. That could be for various reasons. Maybe you believe the stories of others, but you've just never seen one yourself. Maybe you don't believe in things like this at all; I completely understand. Things like this are very hard to believe if you've never seen them for yourself, even a story from someone you trust very much. And maybe you aren't sure what to believe.

Maybe - 7 votes (25%)
This last one is the trickiest of all. A lot of you voted that you are not sure if you've seen a ghost. Or maybe just that you're not sure if you believe in them? Again, on both accounts, I completely understand. These things can be very mysterious, and it's easy to doubt even your own eyes.

Now that we have discussed the results, I'm going to reveal what I promised that makes this post special. Some of you might enjoy it, and some of you might groan in disappointment. Here it comes! The surprise is that I want your input. If you've seen a ghost, or even if you've seen anything strange at all, then share your story! It can be as long or short as you want.

But wait, there's more! I also want your opinions. If you think it's all nonsense, and there are no ghosts, then you can tell us about it. I, for one, love to be told I'm strange, so go ahead and shoot! This is a friendly place with open minds, so there is no reason to be embarrassed about any opinion you might have. Maybe you think there are no ghosts. Maybe you think they do exist. Maybe you're just not sure. What do you think? Go ahead! In the spirit of Halloween give us all a scare, and share your opinion!

And if you missed it the first time, take a closer look at the picture! Boo!!!


  1. i believe in ghosts, spirits, fairies, all of that, but sadly i have never actually seen any. my kids say they use to see things in our other house, but i never have. i wonder why, i am very open to it.

    have a great day ratty...hugz!

  2. I can't say that I "saw" a spirit, but I really "felt" her. You see, it was a few days after my mom had passed on. I was alone in part of her home when I had this eerie feeling of a "presence" behind me. I turned, sensed her presence there, and was overwhelmed with a really good feeling like she was with me, she was watching over me. So it didn't turn out too spooky (well, maybe a little bit) but was positive and reassuring. To this day, I truly believe she was visiting me one more time before she moved on.

  3. Ratty! Have you finally shared a picture of yourself? Is that why you can get so close to those critters- you are translucent?

    When I was 11- a very impressionable age, a friend and I were poking around in a building where we should not have been. It was afternoon but the shed was completely closed and dark inside. We saw a white "cloud" Not in the shape of a person or animal, and not exactly a column, but taller than it was wide. It moved around in the shed a little bit and then disappeared. We were certainly spooked!

  4. PS... I put "maybe" anyway. I'm not sure that there might not be some explanation for what we saw.

  5. i really do not have opinion with ghosts, i have not seen one, but i know some others have seen one, it is not that i do not believe in them, but maybe it is more because i am scared to believe, for at the back of my mind I may be thinking they do exist.

    I used to play "spirit of the glass" when we were younger, we totally stopped (me and my younger brothers) after we experienced a phenomena that we can not explain. the glass kept on circling and circling, we thought one of us were playing like 'scaring the others", no one ( me and my 2 younger brothers) however would accept we are forcing the movement, we just touched it lightly as we should be, so scared, we all shouted, "let go of the glass", and after that we did not bother to play anymore, we were too scared.

  6. That's a really surprise photo, Ratty, and clever!

    As for ghosts or spirits, I believe they're around.

  7. When my two older children were very small, we lived in a house with many unexplained happenings. The only time I actually "saw" a ghost was late one night. I was in that phase just before falling asleep. Suddenly, I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful young woman standing at the wall near the foot of my bed. She looked like a princess from a fairy tale. She was dressed in a gorgeous blue ball gown. She just stood there with a kind look on her face. I closed my eyes,opened them again, and she was gone.

  8. I've seen something strange a couple of times. The first was like a grey 6ft high cloud which passed in front of me when I was about ten years old.

    The second was in January 2007. I was sleeping in a cave. There was a storm outside and I woke up thinking something had moved near me.

    Out of the corner of my eye I saw the shadows formed what looking like a cave painting of a hunter. I looked elsewhere and when I looked back, the shadow painting had moved and raised a spear.

    Later I discovered the cave had been used to leave 'offerings' to pagan gods.

  9. I am "sure" "they" exist, this is what I believe.

    But I put it "maybe" because they present in various shapes that I do not understand. I might have seen and talked to them.

    My friends told me to leave office earlier during the seventh month of Chinese calender, during which they are released from where they are, back to our world.

    I remembered I have cleared a corner in the production line which was left untidy for a long time. A Indonesian foreign worker was found speaking in Malay with a Chinese Slang challenging why "he" was disturbed in the following night.

    Right now, I am talking to you, who knows maybe ......

  10. I possibly believe in ghosts...which I think is a major cop out on anyone's part. I woke up one night to someone standing at the end of my bed, (you have to realize this was only a few years ago whilst living in my own house with husband and kids) first of all I thought it was my Mum, which would have been totally plausible if something had happened and she needed me as she has keys to get in...however as I focused I realized I could see the numbers of the digital clock THROUGH the person standing at the end of my bed...who happened to resemble my mum greatly. My aunt had died not long before this and they did greatly resemble each other, I didn't scream or anything but I did hide under the covers and I daren't look again, mu aunt was a kind woman so i wasn't scared exactly...but I was definatly spooked!!

    I have also heard stuff when there's been nothing there....and I once saw an (well I suppose you'd call it) apparition in the Lych gate of our village church yard...I was still in school for that one and with a friend...we did scream then and run away!!

    I like to think there is more for us than 'just' death and I am very open minded and certainly wouldn't scoff anyone else's beliefs....and I guess that I kind of do believe because I am typing this and yet not committing myself to a psych

  11. Oh Ratty, I could tell you so many things that happened when we lived in an old Victorian house, but there would not be room here to do so.
    We never saw an apparition, but I am sure ghosts exist after living there because we heard things all the time and it interacted with us. Here are just a FEW of the things that happened when we lived there:
    1. I saw a picture frame move from one wall to another by itself.
    2. Radios would turn off and on in the rooms we were renovating. When we were done with wallpapering, etc. they would never do it again (so it wasn't the wiring,we did not not redo the electricity in there).
    3. Once I had the TV on in a room and I was up on a ladder painting. The channel changed. I got down, went and changed it back to the channel I was previously watching. I went back up the ladder and it changed again. I finally said to the "ghost": "Please stop changing the channel and teasing me. I am tired. Can you put it back on Channel 6, please?".
    Well, you guessed it. It immediately switched back to Channel 6 and stayed there.
    4. My husband's mother died and we were of course, very sad the night of her funeral. We were laying in bed with our daughter talking about her and the light flickered. I said: Boy that was like your mom telling us she is okay on the other side. Then I said: "Eva, if that is you, can you blink the light three times?"
    It went off and on three times.
    It never did it again or after this.
    We felt very comforted by this.
    5. We came home one day and the bedroom dresser was pulled out into the middle of our bedroom. No one had been home all day and the doors were locked. Nothing was missing from the house or dresser.
    6.We often heard footsteps in our attic above us.

    Those are just some of the things we witnessed or experienced.
    But we were never scared. The entity seemed to "tease" us but never tried to really scare us.
    Our girls went on a Ouiji Board and asked who it was and it said "Ben" a 13 year old boy. It seemed to seemed like a child playing with us....
    And now the new owner our our house is having experiences too in that house!

  12. I'm falling behind in everything again. I think this is the first group of comments I've answered in several days. Hopefully this is the day I begin to catch up.

    You are probably lucky you haven't seen anything. It's not always the most pleasant experience.

    @WillOaks Studio
    You have had one of the good kind of experiences. This is the kind of thing we all wish for. I had something similar with my uncle, who visited me.

    Actually that isn't me in that picture. It's a well known character here though.

    I can see why that cloud would be spooky. Sometimes things that seem a little too unnatural are downright scary.

    The "maybe" answer is probably one every voter may have been privately thinking.

    Being scared to believe in them is a perfectly reasonable thing. Even friendly ghosts can be very scary.

    You were right to be scared after playing "spirit of the glass." Games like that are known for their bad outcomes. Most of the time there is nothing wrong, but some people say they get unruly spirits from those games.

    @Icy BC
    The photo was actually easier to do than I thought it would be.

    @Mother Goose
    That one's interesting. My sister says she saw something similar, but her's was a mean one that she was afraid of.

    A lot of people have seen strange clouds like that. You're the second one here who has seen one.

    That one in the cave would have been very scary. I wonder if it wanted something, or maybe if it was just threatening you.

    I don't think any of us really understand what they are or what they want. Ghostly workers are in a lot of places here too. Some places are very well known.

    None of us that say we believe are 100% sure. Even if we see something we wonder and try to rationalize it. It can be a spooky thing to see a ghostly figure, even if it might be a relative. You are one of a few that have seen more than one thing. I am too.

    The thought of some kind of afterlife is one positive thing about the belief in ghosts. They may help give evidence to something more for us.

    @The Retired One
    Like me, you have experienced very many strange things. You could write posts about your experiences. I know I would be very interested. I myself am reluctant to write very much about such things, so I understand if nobody else wants to either.

    One more thing. Never trust a Ouija board.

  13. @Ratty
    Even now I feel a shiver when I think about the shadow people in the cave. Whether they were real or my imagination working overtime I don't know. I'll find out if I ever dare sleep there again.

  14. I believe there are spirits that are stuck here and can't get going to a higher place. I've never seen any but I don't like dark places, like cellars and attics. Was always afraid of them when young. And then with our father scaring us all the wonder..LOL

  15. @John
    Shadow people are something that many people see. I hope they were only your imagination. It didn't appear as if they wanted you there very much.

    I believe the same thing. I don't like dark places either, but I've developed somewhat of an immunity to the fear. Sometimes I think it's almost a dad's duty to scare the kids like that. It's kind of a fun scare. :)