Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Relax, Take It Easy

In my short preview yesterday I said I would give the story about these particular deer, so here it is. You can see the picture above is from yesterday, but it's part of this story too. Not to worry, I have two more pictures below.

If you read some of my past posts, you'll see that I have had several deer sightings in my backyard recently. Since my last post about them, I've seen them a few more times. Those times I decided to leave them at peace. I didn't think I should write anything more about deer for a little while. But people seem to like them a lot, so they're back!

This time when I went out there, I was in a little bit of a hurry. I seem to be doing that too much lately. I think I need to slow my brain down a little... Anyway, I saw them out there grazing peacefully, and I couldn't resist interrupting that. Looking back on the whole thing, I feel like the one who was out there chasing and throwing bread at them. Read my older deer stories, and you'll understand.

I walked out trying my best to use my deer tips and sneak up on them. I walked right over to the treeline, and thought I was out of site. But there was one deer I just didn't see, and I was almost running towards them. I thought I was hidden by the trees, but that last one, in a herd of four, saw me as I hurried towards them. Oh no!

I did my best to recover as soon as I saw it, but I think it was too late. It started to move towards their usual exit area in the trees, and alerted the others as it went. When I got out where I could see them, they were already leaving. You can see them in the picture above actually running from me.

I did my best to keep myself slowed down, and in the process calm them down. It worked a little bit, but I think it was too late by then. They were already heading out. Even so, they did slow down just a little bit. They would stop, look at me, go back to grazing, and then start leaving again. They went through this a few times before they decided they had enough of me.

I thought I was getting so good at getting close to them that I could do anything. I forgot to use the simple rules that I wrote down. They only work if you use them. I forgot a few of them at first, and this particular little herd taught me a valuable lesson for it.

The first mistake I made was being in too much of a hurry. For some reason I've been in a rush the last few days, and I've accomplished nothing. Being in a big hurry doesn't do anything except cause you to make mistakes. I've always known that, but I simply wasn't paying attention.

I didn't even realize I was rushing around, until I started writing this. Then it all came back to me. In my hurry, nothing was going right, and I was actually making myself sick. I remembered what happened with the deer, and now understood what was happening. Now that I know I needed to slow down, things are becoming easier. Now I'm able to slow down enough to get some things done, like this little article.

I'd like to thank those deer for helping me to get myself back under control. It's amazing how all the deer I've seen have mimicked my own body language. These deer gave me a look at what I was doing. Unfortunately they can't read... I think. Who's to say they don't have internet in the woods?

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