Friday, October 3, 2008

Catfish Will Eat Anything

There is a pond by the nature center at Kensington Park that is full of Catfish. If you're going and you want to know exactly where, ask me in the comments section. If you're not close by, it doesn't matter anyway, now does it.

It was a bright sunny day when I took these pictures, and it was hard to get a good one of the water here, because the sun was shining so bright. But as you can see in these pictures, these fish are indeed Catfish.

The water was almost literally boiling with these fish. They would swim to the surface to nibble at anything that was thrown in. This was one overcrowded pond. The fish themselves were about one and a half feet long. That's some of the biggest live fish I've ever seen. I'm obviously not a fisherman. Being in the middle of the Great Lakes, you'd think I would have seen bigger, but nope, not me.

Catfish seem to thrive in the dirtiest water. These particular fish looked like they would eat just about anything that was thrown in their pond. Of course somebody suggested spitting in there, to see what would happen. All I can say is, it made the catfish happy. Yuck!

Here's one that's a little clearer. The lily pads are covering part of him, but they're a nice addition to the picture. I'd like to see a big old frog on a lily pad, but maybe the fish would eat the frog. Hop hop, gulp!

I wonder what would happen if someone jumped in.

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