Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Happens When A Goose Gets Old?

Did you ever see an old goose? Well here it is, take a good look at it. You can tell it's old, because of the rumpled feathers and the gray head.

I never before thought about what a goose would look like if it was old. I found a few other pictures of old geese on the web. I wanted to make sure I knew what I was seeing. Maybe it wasn't old; maybe it was just prematurely gray.

Did you ever stop to think that other animals, besides humans, would go gray? Honestly I never even considered it, but it is an interesting sight. Do the other geese think of the old ones as wise? Do they have a greater respect for them? Or do the old ones just get pushed off to the side?


  1. As you may already know, cardinals mate for life and always return to the same place to nest in the spring. My mother-in-law had a family of cardinals outside her living room window every spring. They came for many years. The last time I saw them, the male was the only one left. He was snow white instead of the red that male cardinals usually are.

  2. The old bird obviously really liked it there. It must have been a pretty good place. I wonder how many more years he made it back there.