Tuesday, September 9, 2008

They Painted The Barn!

On my latest everyday adventure here at Heritage Park, I noticed something different. They finally finished painting the barn! Last time I was over this way (here), it was only halfway done. That was a while ago.

Now, here's the finished product. The barn looks good now! I liked the half finished way it looked before, but this is better. Red as a barn should be.

The picture makes a nice desktop wallpaper. I know. I tried it. Wanna try for yourself? Go ahead.

The barn is right out in the front of the park, right down the road from the windmill. If you're near, go have a look. If you're not, I brought it right to you. I know, I know; I'm so good to you.

Until next time.
The Everyday Adventurer, signing off.

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