Monday, September 1, 2008

The Joy Of Fixing Computers

I just got through about eleven hours of reinstalling everything on my brother's computer. My brother doesn't ask unless his computer problem is a serious one. That was my everyday adventure for yesterday. When I say everyday, I mean it. Not just for his, but for several people. I am becoming known for my computer skills. I never had any formal education involving computers, but I've always been fascinated with technology and learning new things. That's pretty far from nature trails. Wouldn't you agree?

At home I help several people with their computers. I am now becoming the person everyone at work turns to for computer help. Now, I'm the person my boss turns to when he needs computer help. A few of the higher ups have even noticed this. It seems I can do these things better and cheaper than the people they pay to do these things. Maybe some day it will benefit me in some way.

Always before, I had been a very private person, but lately I've been revealing things, including my computer skills. I just thought it was time to show that I am an intelligent person. In the past, I would put on my resume that I had computer knowledge. I always figured no one cared, or they thought that meant I could get on the internet. Now, I figured I'd demonstrate some of my knowledge, if that's what it takes. I have to do everything I can to be a happier person in the end. Isn't that what life is all about?


  1. I should give my Mother-In-Law your number :)

    I believe she is the reason so many help centers now outsource to India.

  2. I even had a cashier at the grocery store ask me for help with her computer once. I never thought I looked much like a geek, but she had me wondering. :)