Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm A Winner!

I just wanted to show what I won at Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum with my tickets.

I was playing a game where you put coins in, and they roll down a rail to hit a target. The rail swings back and forth, and you have to put the coin in at the right moment to hit a good target. The targets are three truck trailers full of coins, and some targets in between with very narrow slots for the coins to go through.

I played it a few times to kill some time, and gave the few tickets I won to the kids that were with me. I came back later and put my last three coins in. The last coin went right through the third slot. Impossible! I hit the jackpot! The machine started pouring out tickets for maybe five minutes. I started to worry that it was broken. Two greedy, greedy women saw this and came over just itching to steal this machine from me. They started asking me a million questions. How did you do it? What do you aim for? I told them what happened, and nervously waited for my tickets as they salivated over the machine. When I was done, they both tried it and won only a small amount of tickets (Hee Hee).

When we were all done for the day, we turned in our tickets. I wanted a t-shirt, but they were out of my size. Maybe next time. I picked this rabbit's foot and Shock Pen. I've always liked rabbit's feet (Yes, I know where they come from).

A shock pen is something everyone should have at one time or another. It'll bring some of the most fun you'll ever have. The first thing to do is con the nearest kid in the family into trying it. Then any adult that's not too much of a coward. After that, use it on any unsuspecting person you meet. What a shocking experience!


  1. I'd be careful with that pen. You never know who may be a Pod Person and how they will react.

    The place sounds like fun. I'm an old pin ball wizard from the days arcades only had pin ball machines and a pool table or two.

  2. Pod people are my favorite shock pen targets. It's shock therapy for them.
    After zapping the first one; that one will in turn use it on the others that are around. Maybe they're addicted to the shocks.

    Pinball's my favorite; but you haven't seen anything until you see some of the even older arcade machines. Some of these things are downright bizarre.