Saturday, August 30, 2008

Zombie People

A lot of the people I see most days, don't seem to have very good imaginations. Why don't they seem to care about things? Rational or complex thought seems to elude them. They like to complain and argue with each other, but it's almost always about meaningless things. Things that shouldn't matter, they cling to the most. A lot of them are hooked on some illegal substance, and they like it. I've seen people that are proud to be stupid, and they brag about it. People at work look for ways of avoiding their job, and getting out of doing anything asked of them. Any difficult task seems to elude their minds. If it is physically or mentally difficult, they avoid it at all costs. I understand not wanting to be cheated or overworked, but most of these tasks are part of their jobs. People like this often seem to be rewarded for their laziness of mind and body. I've seen intelligent, hardworking people punished for their skill and positive attitudes. These rational intelligent people are greatly outnumbered by the stupid ones. When they do a good job they are not rewarded; they are just ordered to do more. Meanwhile the slack wits are given more and more reward. Something just seems wrong here. How is an intelligent person motivated to go on in an environment like this. Pride and confidence in yourself is a difficult thing to maintain when you see that there is no reward or benefit for you. Others seem to only see these traits as something to take advantage of. The only thing to do for the intelligent person, is to try to keep searching for their own path to the rewards they seek, and to maintain faith in themselves. Somewhere there must be a place where these backwards rules don't exist. Anyone who knows this place, leave a comment.


  1. There's not much I can add to this Ratty, your observations are spot on :-( It's a sad state of affairs when people's priorities are all wrong, they don't consider others and they make an argument over something trivial. :-(

    Anyway, Karen at Outlandish Observations awarded me the Zombie Chicken Award, and I dare not comply. I'd like to nominate you, so check here if you're interested :-)

  2. John - Thanks for the Zombie Chicken Award, John. It's one of the most unique and funny ones I've seen.

    As far as the zombie people, I don't think they ever go away. It's a shame.