Friday, August 15, 2008

Counterfeit Money?

Wow, I just got home and rushed to post this. I was just at the bank, depositing my paycheck at the drive-thru, where I saw them checking for counterfeit money. They had two $100 bills that they were comparing. The woman who worked at the window looked a little worried and upset. I hope she wasn't in trouble for taking them or something. Anyway, something I didn't know, is that the bank uses those pens you sometimes see cashiers use to check for counterfeit money. I honestly wasn't sure they really worked. The second woman was marking both and showing her the difference. Then the second woman was examining the two to try and see any difference. It didn't look like she could tell. They both were pretty distracted, so I didn't try to interrupt. While this was going on the first woman was handling my business. I watched as a third woman came over and she was also looking. By this time, they had pulled out more $100 bills from the drawer and were beginning to look at them too. The drive-thru woman was so distracted that she almost forgot to give me back my license. Well, I couldn't really stick around to watch; so after she gave me my license, apologized and told me to have a nice weekend, I told her that I hoped her day improved. She said thanks, and I was on my way. This may not be an adventure that happens every day, but it happened during an everyday event. Things like this are not a good thing, but I have to say it was exciting.

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  1. I will be sure to avoid $100 dollar bills for a while!